Our journal is part of a long-standing European tradition, that of publishing annals in major fields of research, in this case History. Such annual journals make widely known and disseminated the results of research by university scholars. They are open to historians from other universities and institute researchers to include the most relevant results of their research.

Our mission is to pursue this dual purpose, to provide a publishing space for our distinguished historian colleagues, from the Faculty of History and Political Science, as well as others in Romania and abroad.

We welcome the results of historical research from the ancient times to the present. Contributions can cover political, ethnic, cultural history, history of ideas, local history, the role of religion in history, the history of totalitarian regimes, mass deportations and crimes, to enlist only the most relevant topics on which we encourage publishing. The area of interest is represented by Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Black Sea, the Middle East, but we are not limited to them.

The editorial board is committed to enhance the value of the journal by indexing it into the most relevant international databases. For now, the journal is indexed in “Central and Eastern European Online Library – CEEOL” and the indexing process in ERIH PLUS is a priority.